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The aim of Savoir sans Frontières is to allow internauts to understand as much as possible about science. That is, confirmed, reliable facts.

The ITER project is one of international scope. Having never been subject to an international audit, having no scientific director, this chimera has been, and remains, the subject of intense political lobbying in all countries and in every language, designed to make everyone believe that this project represents FUSION, the unique future of nuclear technology in the area of energy production.

That is untrue.

We have to recognise that on the one hand there has been no clear presentation of ITER’s operating principle, that is of the machine called the tokomak. For, in fact, ITER is nothing other than a giant tokamak. As well as that, the numerous documents aimed at the public deliberately avoid mentioning the serious problems that could be caused by the fundamental instability of these machines. They are simply pure propaganda documents

It seems necessary to us therefore to explain both the operating principles and the mechanisms of these instabilities via the five videos accessible through the links below. This presentation has been validated by all the world’s specialists in plasma physics except, of course, those involved in the ITER project.


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